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Author & Coach

“When Jeff speaks, no matter how big or small the group, people are captivated and drawn to his powerful message.”
— Deborah Hawley, M.A.

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Author of the Best-Selling Book: RES3T

Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur and Realtor

Motivational Keynotes
that Energize & Empower

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Start or end your conference with an inspirational talk that Energizes your staff or attendees, and leaves them feeling Empowered to reach new goals.

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Mindset & Goal Setting
Workshop to Res3t your Life

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Presentations workshops to equip your staff and attendees with the skills they need to change their mindsets, to better set and achieve goals.

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Improve Your Business
Changing your Mindset Workshop

My proven system for changing your mindset will help you or your staff overcome roadblocks that keep you from reaching the next levels in your lives and business.

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Responsibility & Action:
Training Sessions

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Learn how you Taking Responsibility can make a difference at home, make you a stronger team member at your job, and be a more positive leader in your community.

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Inside Sales Teams:
Grow Your Business and Scale

I deliver an empowering and realistic presentation on training inside sales teams to grow your business so you can scale, helping to lead you and your team to success.

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Other Topics Speak On:
Topic Tailored Presentations

I have given presentations on many topics with different audience types. We can discuss “Topic Tailored Presentations” that better suit your personal or business goals.

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Attending Jeff Coats’ presentation at Western Washington University was life altering for me. While I had studied sociology for a few years and was nearing the end of my undergraduate, it was not until I heard and felt the explanation of Jeff’s life experience that it all became real to me. It presented me an undeniably sharp case study that articulated the social justice aspects of his journey in a way so personally engaging that I walked away with a fully awakened sense of empathy and compassion.

There was something about his voice and presentation that seemed to keep everyone fully engaged (something that professors struggle with daily at WWU); while consistent and thoughtful, it was fully academic in its structure so that any data could be supported, while also maintaining an edge to the story, as if we were constantly waiting for the next turn.

I recall that after the hour (most classes ended at :50 after the hour) was up, the professor in charge stood in front of the auditorium and invited students to get to class, or stay; only a few students left, while the rest of us sat there mesmerized. Jeff’s presentation taught me a lot about the world, and made me take a moment to reflect on my own life, and the privilege that I often take for granted. It was a gentle wake up call that invited me to step a little deeper into reality.

I went and saw his presentation a year later in a separate venue, and noticed it had been polished but with the same effect as before. I remember every aspect of the presentation so vividly, and it is more real to me, somehow, than almost anything else I learned in my undergraduate and masters degree programs.

Luke E. Baugh, MBA
Business Owner, Seminar Attendee

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