Hi, I'm Jeff Coats. I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Realtor in Washington State and in the country of Belize.

I was incarcerated at the age of 14 and sent to adult prison for 17 years.

After my release in 2011, I grew quickly in the real estate world and became a successful real estate broker.

I have been an ISA on the Ben Kinney Real Estate team, created my own ISA team for my real estate business and have trained ISA’s and Agents across the country.

Today I’m a Real Estate Agent still licensed in Washington State and I’m a Real Estate Agent in the country of Belize.

I’m one of the principle owners of Digitally Convert which is a inbound and outbound Call Center that focuses on all things with Digital Marketing in the country of Belize.

Today I’m also focused on making an awesome platform for Real Estate in the country of Belize as well. Stay tuned for that…

Besides this journey I have also written a book titled “Res3t” that can be found on Amazon and I have done a number of Pod Casts that I will showcase below.

I never really know what to write when it comes to talking about who I am or my biography… What I can say is that I have lived a tough life, made bad choices and I have made great choices. I have had everything I have wanted and I have lost it all only to earn it all back again. I am a person who believes in people and I am a person that believes that with enough dedication and self reflection all people can change.

If you change nothing then nothing ever changes.

Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars

Jeff Coats 17 years in prison and now a successful Real Estate Agent

The Truth Behind Second Chances
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Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars

From Convict to Closer:

Eight Principles that Changed Jeff Coats' Mindset and Life
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Real Estate Uncensored: Video

How to Change Your Mindset

So You Can Change Your Life
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Video Image | Why You Need to Buy in Belize

Why You Need tot Buy in Belize

With Jeff Coats, Johnathan Lohr, and Josh Frazier

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