8 Principles Guaranteed To Change Your Mindset In Order To Change Your Life

“Res3t is not only a fantastic account of one man’s incredible journey to preserver through seemingly impossible life circumstances to thrive, to achieve goals, dreams, and success IT IS ALSO a road map of how each one of us has the capacity to do so as well.”
— Dr. Sarah Cairns, Licensed Psychologist

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Author | Hal Eldrod

Hal Elrod

New York Times best-selling author of The Miracle Morning

“If you’re stuck in life and ready to make a change in your job or your relationship, or deal with your addiction or anything else, you need to read this book!”

Author | Robert Shemin

Robert Shemin

New York Times best-selling author of: How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? and Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

“Do you have challenges in your life right now? Problems and worries in your business? Do you sometimes limit yourself? If you answered yes to any of these or know someone who has these challenges, then you and they MUST read Res3t! You will be inspired, awed and motivated to overcome anything in life or business! Jeff Coats’s true story and tools for overcoming anything is more interesting than any crazy story or movie; it is all true and amazing! This book is useful, helpful, entertaining, scary, sad and triumphant! You can overcome anything… Jeff Coats has and shows you how to do it. My one-word review of Res3t is ‘WOW!’ My two-word review is READ IT!”

David Osborne

New York Times best-selling author of Wealth Can’t Wait

“Res3t provides a comprehensive strategy that will allow you to win in your own life! It is more than a book, it’s a movement that shows how change is possible. It inspires, enlightens, and encourages by telling the life stories of people who have persevered and won.”

Author | David Osborn

Pat Hiban

New York Times best-selling author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures

“Life changing! Written by a man who has persevered and succeeded, and is, through this book, giving back to all of us by teaching us how to survive and thrive in our own lives!”

Author | Pat Hiban
Author | Tim Rhode

Tim Rhode

Founder and CEO of 1Life Fully Lived and co-founder of GoBundance

“Jeff Coats turned his life around. His life could have been a warning to others, instead he has made himself a shining example of how your past does not equal your future.”

Author | Ron Helms

Ron Helms

Western Washington University Professor

“Jeff Coats has produced a pragmatic guide to personal renewal and a springboard for others to pursue fulfillment and a purpose-driven life. Written in a style that is accessible and whose ideas are intellectually grounded in facts and personal history, this book provides a wonderful range of insights and guidelines that, if taken to heart, just might alter the trajectory of your life. That alone makes it a book worth reading. The fact that it is written by this author, whose life is a testimony to the capacity for human resilience, self-empowerment, and renewal, makes it a worthy investment. Read it and think and learn. If you are considering making changes in your life, you won’t regret having made the investment.”

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