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Res3t 7-Day Boot Camp (Online Video Course)


Hi, my name is Jeff Coats and I’m the author of the book Reset.

I would like to take this moment to say:

“Thank you for taking this course and taking the next step in your life towards accomplishing your goals and changing your mindset to reach goals.”


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Here’s What You’re Going To Get

  • Res3t 7 Day Take Action with Your Goals Bootcamp ($200 Value)
  • Bonus Talk #1: Naysayers and Peer Pressure ($50 Value)
  • Bonus Talk #2: What To Do Now ($50 Value)
  • 12 Month Res3t Goals Itinerary ($34.95 Value)
  • Jeff’s Personal Booklist and Recommendations (Great Value)
  • Plus: Bonus Materials…
    • Smart Goals & Challenges tracker
    • Take Action 1 Sheet
    • Affirmations Sheet
    • Vision Board Sheet
    • Why Goals Fail Reminder
    • $32.95 Value

In this course you will be given all the tools you need to change your mindset in order to plan, map out, track and move forward with ANY GOAL you have set in your life or any Life Res3t you’re planning for.

The Res3t 7 day take action with your goals boot camp is a 7-day program where you’ll get the step-by-step program that thousands of people all over the world are using to regain control of their time
and their lives! In this course you will understand the full process of what you’re going to need to do in order to change your mindset so that you can obtain your goals and change your life.

Each day, I’ll walk you through the dedicated 8 that are the foundation you can use to radically transform your mindset in order to accomplish your biggest goals which in turn will leave you more fulfilled, productive and without a doubt change your life.

DAY 1: On day one, you’ll dive into Finding your passion, knowing what your passionate about allows you to train your subconscious mind to always be helping you when it comes to accomplishing goals that are in relation to your passions.

DAY 2: On day two, you’ll explore Acceptance, Coping and Responsibility, we’ll go over why it is important to Accept, cope and take Responsibility with our current situations and self in order to set strong clear goals that we can accomplish.

DAY 3: On day three, you’ll take on setting your goals, where I’ll show you the best way to plan out and visualize your goals, because there’s more to it than thinking about them and looking ahead at the end result.

DAY 4: On day four, you’ll learn about Massive Action, the doing is the hardest part of accomplishing goals and I will teach you the importance of massive action and what you can do today to start taking massive action towards your goals

DAY 5: On day 5, you’ll jump into the topic of taking Risks, taking risks can radically redefine your success and personal growth but one of the main challenges we face in goal setting is breaking out of our routine way of thinking. We will break that
routine and I will show you ways to analyze risk-taking that help you move forward in accomplishing your goals

DAY 6: On day 6, you’ll hear about Networking, and the many ways we can use this timeless tradition to aid in your self-development to help you move towards accomplishing your biggest of goals

DAY 7: On day 7, you’ll learn about tools and precise strategies that you can adopt and apply to your own lives to stay dedicated to your goals so that you can realistically accomplish them and change your life!


Bonus Talk #1: Naysayers and Peer Pressure

When it comes to changing our lives there is a lot of Naysayers or Peer Pressure that stops us before we ever take the first steps towards any goals.

In this talk we will discover what naysayers are how to identify them and how to handle them and how to handle the peer pressure we get from them and
our circle of friends and how to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals so that you can have all the support you need with accomplishing your goals.

Bonus Talk #2: What To Do Now

After every talk I have given people always ask what more can they do now to keep pushing towards their goals. What can they do now to change their lives.  What can they do now to change jobs. What can they do now to get out of a bad relationship. What can they do now to take their career to the next level. In this talk I answer all this and more.

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