Category: Speaking Testimonials

15 May 2020

Graham Hnedak

Jeff has the ability to keep it raw and real. His delivery reflects a deep-rooted passion from the heart that keeps the listener tuned in (if not on the edge of a seat). From heartbreak to triumph, and then to struggle to success, Jeff is able to take 17 years of a hard-learned personal lesson and apply it to making the best of life and the situation at hand.

His delivery often can be just shy of tear-filled – in recognition of the pain of the past – only to be followed by a heartwarming smile from someone who realizes the value of all that is good and possible in life. In short, he allows his vulnerability to surface in order to engage his audience.

To hear Jeff speak is a gift – and a reminder that a life repurposed can be both fascinating and rewarding.

You won’t forget his story – or the strong man behind it.

15 May 2020

Deborah Hawley, M.A.

I first introduced Jeff as a speaker at Western Washington University in Northwest WA, where he gave an unforgettable presentation to a large group of students who were criminal justice majors. Jeff received a standing ovation. One year later, he returned to give a second presentation and received another standing ovation. I recently had the privilege of having Jeff speak to my support group that I have facilitated for the past ten years. The group is for those with incarcerated loved ones. The women were quite literally on the edge of their seats As Jeff spoke. They had tissues for their tears that rolled down their cheeks as they listened to Jeff tell his life story.

When Jeff speaks, no matter how big or small the group, people are captivated and drawn to his powerful message.

12 May 2020

Cullen Wallace

Jeff Coats is an amazing speaker. From the moment he opens his mouth to share his story, you are hooked. And you stay hooked for the entirety of his talk. He speaks from the heart, leaves nothing out and shares with a story of a young man who had every excuse to become a sad statistic. Instead, he is an amazing success story and an inspiration to anyone who listens to him. Jeff Coats is a unique person with a unique story. But his ability to openly share allows all to draw things from him that will help you change your mindset in order to change your life.

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